Meal Planner App

Mealmatix is a meal planner app that helps you to eat well and cook great meals by enabling an efficient, effective, and intelligent approach.

For a limited period all new accounts are being automatically assigned a 1 year premium subscription free of charge.


Browse tailored collections of recipes brought to you by our team and community around the world.


Build meal plans manually or automatically, and save them to use again
later. Access and modify plans from other public users.


Consolidate required ingredients into an organised shopping list and purchase groceries
from your preferred supplier.


Use the time you have saved to enjoy cooking.

Discover recipes

Browse through collections of curated recipes and create collections of your own. We bring you recipes from cuisines around the world, and use what we have learnt about you to suggest dishes that you may like. We strive to bring you recipes that inspire you to eat great food.

Personalised meal planner


Mealmatix uses your dietary preferences, planning rules and meal history to generate new meal plans that suit you and your household. Perhaps you always want to cook one soup per week, or you want half of your meals to be those that you have marked as favourites. Mealmatix learns how to function as an efficient and effective meal planner for you.

Save time and money. Reduce waste.

The Mealmatix meal planner app enables you to plan meals for the whole week in minutes, and saves you hours making shopping lists. Find recipes that share ingredients and ways to use left-overs. Choose options that cost less or freeze well and suit cooking in bulk.

Generate shopping lists

Once you have decided what to eat, you can create a shopping list that merges the required ingredients into a list that is ordered and grouped how you would expect to find the items in the supermarket. Mealmatix takes you through an efficient workflow to check your current stock of ingredients and define what you need to buy. Then take the app to the store and mark off items as you shop.

Learn about nutrition and diet

Explore the principles and components of diet and nutrition from a neutral standpoint. We bring you advice from experts that explains the scientific basis of human nutrition and helps you understand how to assess your own dietary intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mealmatix is available to use, although please bear in mind that we have only launched recently and are currently in the process of building our product offerings. As a result we have limited product features available at this time but are working hard to expand our offerings as quickly as possible.

Given that we are still developing the platform, we have decided to issue new accounts with a 1 year premium subscription free of charge. Please sign up for an account and enjoy using Mealmatix to plan your meals! We will soon reach a checkpoint in the development pipeline when we will start to charge for the premium subscription. There will always be free a version of Mealmatix available with many of our best features included - we want this platform to reach and help as many people as possible. Please see the pricing page for more information. Please also read how you can support us to accelerate the development of Mealmatix - including sharing links to help grow our user base, or providing a financial donation. Thank you.

Existing services in this space are limited - they struggle to support the reality of how we navigate preparing food each week. Mealmatix seeks to become the number one platform to support individuals, families, and households to eat in a way that suits them best. We will provide an advanced digital experience to help you develop a repeatable routine that allows you to eat well and as efficiently as possible.

Not yet. We are currently focusing on developing the web app available through this website. We certainly intend to build mobile applications. Please help Mealmatix to grow, so we can bring you mobile apps sooner!

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