Getting Started

Mealmatix makes meal planning simple.

What is a meal plan?

A meal plan is a pre-determined selection of meals for a given time period.

The benefits of meal planning using Mealmatix

Improve plans iteratively

Meal plans can be reused and improved iteratively to make them as effective, efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Save money

Develop your own catalogue of plans that suit varying budgets. Perhaps create several plans containing inexpensive or indulgent recipes and allow your meal planning to help control your expenses.

Save time

Design plans that minimise the time and effort required to eat well. Select recipes that are quick to prepare, cook and clean up, and add them to the days in your week that will be most helpful.

Reduce waste

Select recipes that share ingredients and enable you to use whole packets that might otherwise go to waste. Or build plans that intentionally use left-overs.

Control your diet and nutritional intake

Meal planning helps you take control of your diet in several ways. You are able to think ahead and optimise your nutritional intake, ensuring that you eat the appropriate amounts of each food group.

Design plans around your routine

Most of us follow weekly cycles in some shape or form and there are often patterns that we can plan around. Mealmatix allows you to build meal plans that perfectly suit your weekly routines.

Select recipes that work together

You can plan recipes with common components – such as using a tomato sauce for a pasta dish or pizza topping.

Plan freezer food

Choose recipes that suit batch cooking and allow you to cook in advance with the intention of putting prepared meals in the freezer.

Generate shopping lists effortlessly

Save a significant amount of time by letting Mealmatix generate shopping lists. You can then purchase ingredients from your preferred vendors.

Collaborate with your household

Get your whole household involved in the process of meal planning and shopping. People you live with can select recipes or perhaps do the shopping with the list of ingredients that you need.

Reduce impulse eating

When you plan in advance you are more likely to make healthier decisions and avoid unprepared hunger leading to poor choices.

Enjoy variety with minimal effort

Mealmatix makes light work of the process required to plan successfully. By investing in meal planning you are able to maintain a healthy variety of meals throughout the week and stay in control of your kitchen with minimal effort. 

How it works

Create new or duplicate existing

There are two ways to start a meal plan: -

1. Create newGo to and click ‘Create New Plan’. After specifying the name, duration and start day of the plan, you will then be able to insert recipes into the plan.

2. Duplicate existing: Open an existing plan and from the plan settings select 'Duplicate' and then enter a new name. Once the new plan has been created you can edit it as you wish.

Manually insert recipes or automatically generate plan

There are two ways to populate meal plans with recipes: -

1. Manual: Select 'Insert recipe' against a specific day and meal category, and from there, browse and select a recipe.

2. Automatic (Coming soon): Select 'Generate' button at the top of the plan to launch the Mealmatix meal plan generator.

Configure the plan

Set the desired portions that you wish to cook, and move recipes between days and meal categories (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack) as required until the plan is ready to go.

Generate a shopping list

When you are happy with the contents you can then generate a shopping list from your meal plan. You can either take the app to the store or print out the shopping list. 

Save and re-use plans

Every plan that you create is available to use again in the future. You can browse through your plans at

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