About Us

Our mission

"To enable households to improve their quality of life by cooking meals in line with their personal goals and values using the minimum amount of effort."

Our message

We are fortunate to live in a world where many of us can get most ingredients fairly easily, and we should therefore seek the full benefit of food in terms of nutrition and enjoyment. Yet, a lack of comprehensive meal planning can often result in an undesired diet that is unhealthy, unsatisfying, expensive, wasteful and inconvenient.

We want you to easily understand and control your journey with food and nutrition. Mealmatix will make your journey streamlined and enjoyable - keeping you informed and inspired along the way. The platform aims to support all types of people; novice cooks to those with advanced skills; those with no dietary requirements to those with specific requirements and preferences; those with goals such as a reduction in spending or elimination of waste.

Our story

The company founders, Zac and James, started Mealmatix in 2021 after they recognised a personal need for a product that is not currently available. They are pleased to have found an opportunity to develop a product that combines their passion for cooking, technology, humanity and sustainability. A small team is working hard to establish Mealmatix as a household name, known for being the most practical and best meal planning app available. The road ahead is exciting and full of technological possibilities - watch this space!

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